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Welcome to Aafiya Traders

Coir Pith Traders

Aafiya Traders is one of the largest manufacturers and whole sale suppliers of Coir products in Tamil Nadu. We established our retail paint business in 2003. For its reputation, our company is a well-known retailer in Tamilnadu's Sivagangai district, Karaikudi. We distribute our products across India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Maladives and various other countries. Read More

coco peat traders in karaikudi


We are very glad to introduce our firm to export coir pith by natural resources and an Indian based company.


Our main objective is to create the most advanced Coco peat solutions for the grower's requirements, while protecting the environment.

Product List

Why Choose Us

Best Quality
24x7 Support
Expert Team
Global Exporters
Competitive Pricing
Timely Delivery
20 Years in Field
100% Natural Coco Peat

Advantages of Our Products

  • • Eco-friendly and sustainable growing medium
  • • High moisture retention capacity
  • • High cation exchange capacity
  • • Improves soil aeration
  • • Improves soil buffering capacity
  • • Mostly tolerant to pH variations
  • • Can buffer water soluble nutrients
  • • Can be reused for up to 5 years after

Our Infrastructure

Organic Vegetables

We are the largest producers and wholesalers of organic vegetables, fruits, and many more.

Fresh & Frozen Vegetables

Aafiya Traders is a renowned name in the imports and exports of high-quality fresh and frozen vegetables in India.